"Ours is the struggle of a lifetime, or maybe even many lifetimes, and each one of us in every generation must do our part.”

– John Lewis

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Tutoring a Student


The local legal redress NAACP HELP LINE is (304) 820-9877.

If you are experiencing discrimination call the Help Line and leave a detailed message. A volunteer will respond within 48 hours.  We need volunteers willing to express empathy to callers experiencing the financial, mental, and emotional distress of racism and other forms of discrimination. 

Local Quakers have made limited funds available to assist our callers in obtaining a legal consultation if necessary.  

If you are already an NAACP member, you may observe our weekly case discussions by zoom before committing to work on this committee. 

Among the many cases of discrimination we have addressed this past year is of a Black couple who had to close their business of 10+ years, incurred a debt of thousands of dollars in legal fees, all because of overt racism on the part of their HOA. 

Your empathy and commitment to stopping injustice are welcome.  Contact Rita Caulfield if you want to volunteer to serve on this committe.

Membership, of course, is the lifeblood of any organization and this is most true of one, like ours, which directs its efforts to local concerns.  Our main mission is to increase our numbers and the Membership Committee believes that the very best way to attract members is for our chapter to vigorously fight for the rights of those in our community whose rights may be imperiled. 


The NAACP is proud to be the largest national civil rights organization and one with a storied history.  We would welcome your interest.  Regular adult membership dues is $30 per year and youth membership for those younger than 17, usually $10, is now available at no cost. 


For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Richard Mier by email  or phone.  

Our education committee strives to inform our community about the history, goals, and events of the national organization and Berkley County chapter of NAACP.  We support educators in our schools and promote a curriculum that includes facts regarding the treatment and contributions of minority groups in our country's history. 


We believe that it's important for all people to understand the role that people of color have played in the building of our nation, the progress in the march towards justice for all, and the truth about racism today. 


We encourage our members to serve as mentors to our youth through the PASS and Martinsburg Initiative programs.  Please send an email to Rich Mier or Fay Stump if you wish to contribute your time and talents to our committee.