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The NAACP is the oldest & largest civil rights organization in our nation. For over 110 years the NAACP has worked to expand civil rights for ALL people, all races, colors, genders, religions, sexual orientations, national origins and age groups. We affirm that equality is NOT a charitable gift granted by the majority. “We hold these truths to be self evident that ALL [People] are created equal.” This NAACP Branch #3242 was chartered in 1944 and is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.

Join Us

We encourage you to join our chapter and NAACP directly through us.  While part of your dues will be sent to the national headquarters, joining through us facilitates our connection on a local level. Whether you are a new member, or renewing your membership, please print this form, complete it,  and mail it with your check to:   NAACP, PO BOX 731, Martinsburg, WV  25402. For any questions about membership, email Rich Mier.  If you prefer, you can email Rich the completed form and submit your dues to PayPal with a note that it's for membership dues.

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